Senior School

Why Rookwood Private School?

Our Independent Senior School is a happy and thriving learning environment for boys and girls aged 11-16.  The foundation for this is strong pastoral care.

  • We feel that every child is unique and thus has unique needs.
  • My staff and I pride ourselves on getting to know our pupils well and working with them and their parents to understand how we can best support them through these important years leading up to their GCSEs.
  • Our pupils’ personal development is of paramount importance.
  • All pupils are treated as individuals and given personal support and guidance.
  • Social and academic target setting is a focus of this private school and, along with the wide range of extra-curricular activities, enables pupils to develop their individual strengths and skills.
  • Pupils are recognised as being confident and polite with a strong sense of social responsibility.


The academic success of our pupils is seen in our excellent examination results and the substantial value added to pupils’ education from entering the Senior School in Year 7.

  • Pupils’ progress is monitored closely in all subjects so that they are able to develop to the best of their potential.
  • Pupils follow a common curriculum in years 7, 8 and 9.
  • In years 10 and 11, for GCSE, they study a combination of common core subjects and optional subjects.
  • Pupils are well-grounded in the knowledge, understanding and skills of all subjects, which helps them to develop a positive attitude to learning – they become independent, engaged and articulate learners.

Pupils leave Rookwood Private School having achieved their academic potential, gained good self-esteem, social skills and a strong moral and ethical perception. They are well rounded young men and women who have the academic, social and interpersonal skills to tackle the challenges that they will face both at Sixth Form and wider in the community.


Liz Hacker
Head of Senior School