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Mr Smith

Mr Smith – Head of Modern Languages

I started at Rookwood in September 2022 and was immediately stuck by the friendliness and warmth of the school. The size of the school means each pupil is known well to staff and to each other. We deliver the curriculum (and more), but we teach the individual.

As Head of Modern Languages, I am proud that right from the start, pupils learn a foreign language, picking up a second in Year 5 and a third in Year 7. Pupils can choose which two languages to continue with. All three are on offer at GCSE and A Level. This breadth of opportunity, I believe, is one of many things which sets us apart as a school. The school’s moto ‘sapere aude’ sums up this ambitious approach perfectly.

It is the atmosphere of trust in our classrooms that enables pupils to continue enjoy making progress and ‘daring to know’. By the time they reach the Sixth Form, they have developed their confidence and fluency through plenty of speaking in lessons and visits to destinations such as Nice, Normandy, Berlin and the Rhineland.

My background is in teaching pupils of all abilities and a variety of learning profiles from no knowledge of the language up to Oxbridge entry. The team of linguists at Rookwood, each a specialist in their language, is passionate about each pupil making the best progress possible to equip them for their future in a global society.

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Mr Smith, Head of Modern Languages at Rookwood School.