Rookwood values

Rookwood has evolved over the 85 years since it was first formed, and we continue to offer families a nurturing choice of school that both educates and develops your child. Values of kindness, cooperation and community are essential components of life at Rookwood. These values form the foundations for so much of what we do, placing us as the school of choice for a family that wants a school that develops character and caliber. We know our families well, nourish our students’ potential and prioritise the need to ensure that life at school feels like an extension of home.

The Rookwood Way

At Rookwood School, our school motto is ‘Sapere Aude’, which means ‘Dare to Learn’ and it certainly represents what we stand for. We challenge our pupils to have courage, to learn new things, develop new skills and deepen their understanding. We encourage them to know and understand themselves and those around them. To recognise that life has its ups and downs and that through knowing themselves they learn to build on their experiences and develop as our future citizens.

A Nurturing Choice

We recognise that many of our parents are making important decisions about their child’s education and that they often have to make other sacrifices to enable their child to have the education that they believe is so important. When parents tour the school, they immediately notice small classes where pupils receive constant focus and attention, mutual respect between pupils themselves and with staff, as well as the passion teachers have for developing and nurturing every child. Parents quickly see that what we offer is exactly what will make a difference to their child and enable them to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

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News & Events

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Mrs Jellard

I am proud to be part of our community and see the impact we can have on students and the progress they can make.

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Miya – Year 11

My teachers have worked really hard to prepare me for my GCSEs.

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Mrs Abraham

I have been lucky enough to work at Rookwood School for the last twenty years – which sounds like a very long time but which has gone in a flash.

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