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Student Support

Support during and beyond A-levels

Our students will complete their time at Rookwood as organised, self-reliant learners, because we will help them develop the skills to become such.

Individual support

A common issue in post-16 education is that students are expected simply to “get on with it”, and many struggle to adjust to the additional freedom they have after a highly structured GCSE course. We recognise that Sixth Form students continue to need help and support from trusted adults, and Rookwood’s excellent tutor system will continue into the Sixth Form, with students seeing their form tutor daily, as well as regular contact with the Head of Sixth Form.

A Rookwood teacher providing support to a sixth form student.

Responsive support

Pastoral support for Sixth Form students involves striking a fine balance – on one hand, students at the beginning of Lower Sixth are not far removed from their Year 11 habits, and will continue to need encouragement, guidance, and the occasional more assertive reminder of the approach expected of them. On the other hand, students preparing to finish Upper Sixth will be going out into the world as adults, expected to fight their own battles and be self motivated at work. Our Sixth Form students will be encouraged to solve problems independently where they can, with guidance behind the scenes as needed.

Rookwood Sixth Form students sitting in the Sixth Form centre.

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A year 2 Rookwood School student studies a globe in geography class.

Reception child

Stay, Tea and Play sessions in Reception

We are holding a number of sessions in June. The sessions will provide a wonderful chance for your child to become familiar with life in our Reception class ahead of September.