School Life

A courageous approach to learning

At Rookwood School we value a courageous approach to learning; our school motto, ‘dare to learn’ demonstrates this and is embodied by our older pupils, many of whom have been with us from younger years and develop into ambitious, confident and compassionate members of our community.

Senior School pupils dare to learn and succeed!

We deliver a rigorous academic programme but believe that successful pupils are not defined solely by their attainment in tests and exams. Our programme of study allows pupils to maintain breadth as well as depth, based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales leading up to the GCSE syllabus and A-Levels studied in our Sixth Form. We encourage aspirational ‘behaviours for learning’ that are proven to lead to success, when applied consistently in a supportive environment by teachers that know and value their pupils. Rookwood School offers this in abundance – pupils here dare to learn and succeed!

Wellbeing at Rookwood School

Wellbeing at Rookwood is a whole school culture which ensures that every member of the community can flourish. This is reflected in the Senior School experience through our mission to tailor provision for families, offer strong and caring relationships to pupils by the teachers and staff, and ultimately ensure that learning and opportunities are meaningful and joyous! We also believe that healthy active pupils tend to be more engaged with school life, and as such our pupils develop high self-esteem and a strong sense of personal wellbeing. They feel valued and are therefore more willing to contribute positively to the wider community with purpose and compassion. Wellbeing at Rookwood is visible!

Confident, thoughtful, outward-looking young people

We also place a great emphasis on teaching pupils how to think for themselves, formulate an argument, communicate well, and deal productively and confidently with other people. These are the skills that will help them make the most of their academic success in the outside world – and these are the qualities that make Rookwood pupils become such valued members of society.

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