GCSEs at Rookwood

Any combination of subjects guaranteed

Rookwood offers a broad range of subjects and will guarantee that any combination can be offered.

Broad, balanced and bespoke

Our personalised approach to supporting pupils means that we are able to offer bespoke GCSE timetables. This flexibility allows for our pupils to pursue external activities beyond school, that they may have a strong commitment to. Valuing and celebrating the interests and achievements of pupils they participate in alongside their GCSE programme is an important aspect of balance that Rookwood promotes.

Small class sizes

Knowing our pupils very well with small class sizes means that pupils receive meaningful and targeted tuition, which helps them achieve and often excel their expectations in examination results.


A love of learning

GCSE results have been invariably excellent, often exceeding the pupils target grades. We attribute this to the Rookwood spirit that cultivates a love of learning and a carving of character beyond mere examination performance. Indeed our approach to GCSE learning is encapsulated by our school motto ‘Sapere Aude’ – ‘The courage to use your own reason’.

Rookwood Family

Chloe – Year 1

My teacher is amazing.

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Mrs Holder

The job I enjoy the most is my daily visits from the children who come to me for help, advice and many other reasons.

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Mrs Jellard

I am proud to be part of our community and see the impact we can have on students and the progress they can make.

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