A broad programme

Rookwood has an excellent programme of extracurricular activities with a wide range of options at lunchtime and after school.

A broad range of activities

All Sixth Form students are expected to get involved in physical activity every week, but we are not prescriptive about how this is done, and a range of options both in and out of school is available. Some students might want to use our school facilities to swim or play tennis. Some might want to help coach younger year groups, working towards recognised certification. Some, already playing sport to a high standard outside of school time, might choose to use their timetabled sports hours to work on their cardio or weights training in a local gym.

Leadership development

Rookwood Sixth Form students will be a significant source of support to their younger peers, through formal leadership roles and as role models in their everyday interactions around the school.

Whilst students will benefit from access to their own extracurricular programme, they will also help to enrich the programme for younger students, offering activities in support of their future ambitions. Aspiring medics might run an ethical discussion group, while a future English undergraduate might run a book group or debating society for younger pupils. These additional commitments will help to demonstrate that Rookwood students are passionate about their chosen pathways, ensuring that they stand out as applicants.

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