Daily Routine

Life as a boarder

During the week life follows a simple routine very much like it would at home. On weekdays, our boaders take part, along with the day pupils, in a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs. Weekend activities are designed to be culturally interesting as well as fun and entertaining.

During the day

We eat breakfast in house and can choose from cereals, toast, yogurts, fruit juice and fruit with pains au chocolat or other treats on Fridays.

After tidying their rooms and making beds everyone walks the five minutes down the road to school. We like being so near to school but at the same time being a place where we can come “home” in the evenings.

At the end of the school day when clubs and prep (homework) are finished we walk back to the house where our friendly cook has prepared a delicious home cooked meal. We eat together in our homely dining room and take it in turns to help with the clearing away and stacking the dishwasher.

Evening activities

Evening activities are arranged each day, some of which are optional. Our current evening schedule is:

Monday – House meetings – a chance to discuss things which affect us all and contribute ideas such as for forthcoming menus.

Tuesday – Themed Tuesday – fun activities such as Taskmaster, Blindfold taste testing, fashion shows and sometimes trips out.

Wednesdays – Movie and popcorn night

Thursdays – Sports hall night or in the summer we use the school field

After activities, the rest of the evening includes opportunities to complete homework using our computers (which are attached to the school system) relaxing, playing and socialising with friends. Our big garden is a great place to play and relax in the summer months and we also have a TV lounge and games room.


We have a number of full boarders who are with us at weekends and it is important to us that these boarder have opportunities to work, rest and play in the same way they might at home.

Friday night is a chilled time with movies and board games to relax with after a busy week.

On Saturdays we always have an exciting and interesting activity planned. Some of our weekly boarders also choose to stay in order to join in with these trips and visits. If there is space, boarders can invite a school friend to join us.

We can also arrange for Rookwood friends to come for sleepovers, or for boarders to spend time with friends if their parents agree.

Some Boarders are members of local sports teams and we can arrange for them to play for their teams at weekends as well as attend weeknight practices.

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