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Leadership team

Acting Head

Mrs J Jellard

Deputy Head

Mrs E Hacker


Mr M Chapman

Acting Head of Senior School

Mr P Brooker

Head of Prep School

Mrs E Ozanne

Head of Sixth Form

Mr H Smith

A teacher working with a Rookwood School student.

Academic staff

Mr P Brooker (Acting Head of Senior School)
Mrs C Nias (Assistant Head of Prep School)
Mr A Winnett (Acting Director of Studies)
Miss E Brown (Director of Enrichment)
Mrs I Moon (Head of Science)
Mrs C Hall (Head of Humanities)
Mr H Smith (Head of MFL)
Mr L Mills (Head of PE)
Mr A Pool (Head of Maths)
Mrs R Cumpsty (Head of English)
Miss C Abraham
Mrs K Allnutt
Mrs H Blackmore
Mr N Brewer

Mr A Cummins
Ms D Dwyer
Mrs T Ellison

Mr W Few
Mrs T Francis-Pollin
Mr D Holmes
Mrs B House
Mrs A Kerrison
Mrs S Lodge
Mrs R Matthews
Mrs L Parsons (Head of Performing & Creative Arts)
Dr R Pride
Mrs G Robinson
Mrs R Stokes
Miss J Thorne (Head of Technology)
Mrs E Humphrey
Miss A Treasure
Miss C Walsh
Mr C Williams
Mrs J Barnes
Miss R Stupple

Learning Support Specialists

Ms Felicity Thorpe-Tracey (Head of Learning Support)
Miss C Hague (Assistant Head of Learning Support)

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs T Newton (Senior School Pastoral Support)
Miss M Bulpitt
Mrs T Dodds
Mrs K Hall
Mrs H Harvey
Mrs I Hickman
Mrs A Lambourne (Prep School ELSA)
Mrs V Neil
Mrs T Newton
Mrs C Stebbings
Mrs J Whittle
Miss S Casey

Little Rooks Nursery

Mrs M Fisher (Nursery Manager)
Ms M Phillips (Deputy Nursery Manager)
Miss G Brown
Mrs C Chant (Bee Room Leader)
Miss G Coleman
Mrs C Reid
Mrs S Thomas
Miss C Brown
Miss A Malone
Miss M Burton-Pye
Mrs F Rizvy
Miss B Brady
Mrs G Mathias




A staff member sitting with Rookwood nursery students.


Head of Boarding: Ms D Dwyer
Mrs U Gurung (Housekeeping)
A Rookwood pupil sitting outside on a bench with a staff member. A fluffy dog is sat in front of them, the pupil is holding the dog's paw.

Laboratory Technician

Ms H Earl

Art and Design Technician

Examinations Officer

Mrs V Neil

After School Care

Mrs R Holdway
Dr R Pride

Peripatetic Music Staff

Keyboard: Mrs L Adams
Singing: Mrs E Owen
Strings/Wind: Mr M Callow
Guitar: Mr R Robinson
Brass: Mr E Goodwin
Drums: Mr D Chapman
Rookwood School student playing a ukulele in music class.

Support staff

Ms K Hildyard (Marketing and Admissions Specialist)
Mrs S Couch (Marketing and Admissions Officer)
Mrs L O’Gadhra (Receptionist and Administrator)
Mrs L Wallace (HR Manager)
Mrs K Faill (Administrator – Finance, Ops & ICT)
Mrs C Hicks (Headmaster’s PA and MIS Administrator)
Mrs B Holder (Prep School Administrator)
Mrs R Holdway (After School Care)

Mrs H Lodge (Senior School Administrator)
Mrs V Neil (Examinations Officer)
Mr D Salter (Art and Design Technician)
Mrs S Taylor (Counsellor)
Mrs C Walker (Registrar)
Mrs H Earl (Laboratory Technician)
Mrs S Singlehurst (Careers Advisor)
Mrs S Blocksidge (Receptionist and Administrator)


Estates staff

Mr J Watson (Estates Manager)
Mr C O’Brien
Mr D Arnold
Miss M Willis
Mrs V Perry
Ms K Hackman
Ms E Deszo-Feher
Ms Z Sheppard
Ms C Chang Chao
Mrs C Grace-O’Neill
Mr I Brown
Mr K Young
Mrs H Salter
Mr P Hardy
Mr N Retalik
Mr D Salter
Miss J Miloszewska
Mr A Smith
Mr R Swayne
Mr H Mannion
Mr L Wells
Mr J Cosham
Mr C Bowler

Catering Staff

Mr N Price (Head Chef)
Mrs H Marney (Assistant Cook)
Mrs R Bone
Mrs S Maybury
Mrs S McGinty
Mrs S Morgan
Mrs J Newman
Mrs J Noble
Mrs L Paterson
Mrs J Turton
Mrs C Warters
Mrs C Wolstenholme


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