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Types of Boarding

We are able to offer a wide range of boarding options from full to flexi boarding to suit all needs.

Full Boarding

Our full boarders are able to enjoy a weekend programme of activities and time to relax: With meals chosen by the boarders themselves and cooked alongside the staff as well as a wide range of activities and outings. The students who board here feel a strong sense of belonging and safety which is nurtured by our community and friendship.

We also encourage our full boarders to join local clubs to feel connected to the wider community and also to spend time with friends to embrace the fun of boarding house too; some keen to plan ‘sleep over’ occasions or evening soirees to bond and relax after a busy school week.

Rookwood School boarding students eating at a dining table in the boarding accommodation.

Weekly Boarding

Our weekly boarders enjoy the combination of weekday school immersion and weekend visit home. This balance can reduce the impact of a long journey to and from school each day, and provides the opportunity to spend time with friends and participate in enjoyable weekday activities and clubs. Weekly boarders enjoy the opportunity to go home each weekend to spend time with family and the added bonus of being able to spend the occasional weekend boarding if the occasion arises.

Three Rookwood School boarding students sit outside on a bench, outside the boarding accommodation on a sunny day.

Flexi Boarding

Rookwood also allows a flexi boarding option, where students may stay at the boarding house on a set day each week or a day each week due to additional school commitments such as during the exams period. This is a popular and useful option for busy families with children who may be involved in a longer school day or need to align with parental working patterns. It is also useful as an introduction to boarding where weekly or full boarding might be an option in the future. Indeed, often flexi boarders enjoy their time so much that they choose to board more often or become weekly or full boarders!

A young Rookwood boarding school student makes cakes in the kitchen with the boarding school staff.

Occasional Boarding

This is another very popular option for parents who may need to be away from home for occasional periods and need the reassurance that their child/children will be well cared for and enjoy time alongside their peers. This option is also available at weekends and offers the opportunity to take part in our outings and visits that take place every weekend for the full boarding students.

Rookwood boarding school students walking to the school together.

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A year 2 Rookwood School student studies a globe in geography class.