About Boarding at Rookwood

Boarding at Rookwood is a unique experience and is refreshingly different from traditional boarding. We offer a warm, homely welcome in our two adjacent residential properties just a few minutes’ walk from the school site.


The boarding family

The Boarders live as a family alongside their friendly and experienced Boarding staff who also reside in the houses. Our relatively small community means that the staff know everyone well and work closely with Parents to support and nurture the young people in our care. Having a range of staff with Boarders support and care for each other as additional ‘brothers and sisters’.

All our boarding staff all have additional roles in school and so are well placed to work alongside colleagues in order to support the boarders in their studies and act as advocates where needed.


Our Houses can accommodate up to 28 boarders aged 7 to 16 who sleep in dorms of two or three upstairs in Beechwood (girls) and Oakwood (boys). The downstairs rooms of both houses are shared and include a games room, computer room, sitting and dining rooms as well as the kitchen which is the hub of our boarding home. The two gardens are merged into one large open expanse for the children to enjoy especially during the summer months.


We offer a range of boarding packages designed to meet your bespoke needs as a family, and in true Rookwood way, are flexible from term to term.


The Rookwood Family

Rupert – Upper Sixth

My EPQ which has challenged me from an academic perspective as well as offering personal development.

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Mrs Jellard

I am proud to be part of our community and see the impact we can have on students and the progress they can make.

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Mrs Abraham

I have been lucky enough to work at Rookwood School for the last twenty years – which sounds like a very long time but which has gone in a flash.

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