A-Levels at Rookwood

A unique sixth from experience

Rookwood Sixth Form will offer an experience that is hard to find elsewhere, with a strong emphasis on small class sizes and an understanding that young people achieve their best results when they are known and treated as individuals. Rookwood Sixth Formers will benefit from flexible, tailor-made support, expert teaching and significantly more contact hours per week than they could expect from state provision. Close links with the rest of the school will allow all students, not just a chosen few, to show their leadership qualities and set themselves apart from the crowd, particularly through our exciting enrichment programme.

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Wide subject offer

Academically, a very wide range of subjects is on offer – enough to allow application to any undergraduate discipline in the UK. Beyond this, there will be a strong emphasis on additional academic curiosity, with the question “what have you done that nobody made you do?” being central to putting together a strong application for university or other routes. Regular monitoring will ensure that students achieve to the very best of their potential.


“Three Plus” model

Our timetable structure is built around the “Three Plus” model, widely recognised as good practice in the independent sector – students will choose a core of three A Level subjects, plus an additional substantial commitment of their choice. This allows flexibility and ensures that all students will have meaningful wider learning to discuss in a personal statement.


Rookwood Family

Miya – Year 11

My teachers have worked really hard to prepare me for my GCSEs.

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Mrs Abraham

I have been lucky enough to work at Rookwood School for the last twenty years – which sounds like a very long time but which has gone in a flash.

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Leo – Year 8

Everyone is really friendly and supportive.

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