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Rook News Spring 2022 – PE

The Spring Term in P.E. has been a busy and very productive period. Students have been looking at a variety of sports in lessons from Hockey and dodgeball to Rugby and American Football.

The extracurricular provision in P.E. continues to be a popular choice for many students. This term we have had 68 fixtures in 10 different sports from years 3-10. With that, we have seen 87% of Rookwood students in those year groups represent the school against another school. This just highlights our ambition and current success at finding a way to make P.E. enjoyable and accessible for all of our students.

Special mentions in P.E. this term must go to our Year 8 netball team who have played each school in the Andover district and not lost a single match! The Year 7 netball team have won the majority of their matches too, in only their first year playing together.

We have also had cross country success with Lucy Allright coming 5th in the regional ISA event which is a fantastic achievement. We also will see our KS3 girls badminton team head off to the county finals at the end of term to round of a successful season.

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