Learning Support

At Rookwood Private School, we recognise that every child is an individual and as such has different needs, abilities and ways of learning. We are committed to supporting all our pupils to ensure they reach their full potential and our results show we are extremely successful in achieving this.

In the first instance, a pupil will be informally assessed by the Learning Support Co-ordinator. The needs of each child are then determined and parents and staff are advised of ways to help that pupil and, where necessary, individual support strategies are put in place. Assessments from outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists or Speech Therapists may also be recommended to ensure that we have a full picture of a pupil’s learning needs.

We offer our private pupils a full range of support from specialist lessons, in-class support through to group teaching programmes.


In our Kindergarten department, early identification of individual needs is seen as the key to a child’s development. The Learning Support Co-ordinator gives advice to staff and will informally assess any child about whom there is a concern. Referrals can be made to Speech Therapy or other services as required and teachers or classroom assistants can be taught intervention programmes to help a child achieve success. At the end of Reception, children are screened for dyslexia and feedback given to parents if there are any causes for concern. Careful monitoring and support will be given to any child that needs it.

Lower School

In our Lower Private School, children are supported during lessons or carry out specific Literacy or Numeracy work devised by the Learning Support Co-ordinator on a 1:1 basis. There is dedicated room in our Lower School with resources such as computer programmes, puzzles, games and multisensory tools to aid the teaching of Maths, spelling, writing or reading. At the beginning of the day, a selected group of children join the Wake-Up Group to take part in activities designed to improve fine and gross motor control skills, coordination and to improve their memory.

Senior School

In our Private Senior School, there are Learning Support Assistants who specialise in English, Maths and Science. They are mainly classroom-based but also work with pupils in the quiet of the Learning Support Department. Our Learning Support Room is used by Senior School pupils and is equipped with three computers to enable them to work independently on coursework, practice their spellings, touch typing or work to improve their memory. It also gives a base for pupils with a study period. Study skills, revision and examination technique are also taught as these are seen as keys to success. Additionally, parents are advised about Access Arrangements with regard to GCSE examinations.