Boarding At Rookwood Private School

Boarding at Rookwood is a unique experience and is refreshingly different from traditional boarding. We offer a warm, homely welcome in our two adjacent residential properties just a few minutes’ walk from the school site. The houses are decorated and furnished in a “home from home” comfortable style.

  • Our Houses can accommodate up to 28 Boarders aged 7 to 16 who live upstairs in Beechwood (boys) and Oakwood (girls).
  • The downstairs rooms of both houses are shared and include a games room, computer room, sitting and dining rooms as well as the kitchen which is the hub of our home.
  • The Boarders live as a Family alongside their friendly and experienced Boarding staff who also reside in the houses.
  • The two gardens are merged into one large open expanse for the children to enjoy especially during the summer months.

Why Choose Rookwood Boarding?

Here at Rookwood Private Boarding, we strive to ensure that everyone feels special, valued and included, our multicultural community affords us many opportunities and experiences to explore and share different cultures.

  • Food brings everyone together and so you will regularly see Boarders involved in making and sharing food.
  • Grenadian spice cake, plantains, Nigerian meat pies and Nepali Momos are particular favourites! Menus change weekly and the children help to come up with ideas for their meals which are lovingly prepared by our Boarding House chef, AKA Cheffy!
  • Once schoolwork is completed during supervised sessions, the children are encouraged to enjoy our weeknight activities such as movie nights, sports, baking, pool and themed nights such as blindfold taste testing!
  • Full Boarders enjoy a variety of weekend trips which include: bowling, football, golf, trampolining, eating out, murder mystery dinners and escape rooms.

At Rookwood Boarding, we encourage independence as the children mature. Our Senior School Boarders have later bedtimes and are encouraged to spend time with their friends both in Boarding and the wider community, through clubs and sports as well as opportunities to visit the local leisure centre, Andover Town centre and Basingstoke.

We are able to offer a wide range of boarding options from full to flexi boarding to suit all needs. If you would like more information or would like to arrange a visit to our boarding houses please contact the Registrar on  01264 325910.