Aims & Ethos

Rookwood is a non-selective co-educational day and boarding school for children from age 2 to age 16 (18 from September 2021).  We provide all our pupils with a broad, balanced curriculum which offers a good range of academic subjects as well as opportunities within the fields of drama, sport and music.

  • Extra-curricular activities and educational visits broaden the educational experience of our pupils.
  • Every pupil is encouraged to perform to the best of his or her ability in all spheres of activity.
  • High standards are expected, whilst recognizing that success will come in different guises for different pupils and will be celebrated at every level.

The school has a Christian ethos, whilst actively welcoming children of all faiths, and this is reflected in our regular assemblies.  It is the background against which pupils are taught to respect each other and to accept that other people will have differing views or opinions. They are also taught that they should give respect to adults and be able to expect to receive respect in return.

Rookwood School Motto

At Rookwood, our school motto is ‘Sapere Aude’ and can be translated as ‘dare to know’ or ‘have courage to understand’ and it certainly represents what we stand for. We challenge our pupils to have courage, to learn new things, develop new skills and deepen their understanding. We encourage them to know and understand themselves and those around them. To recognise that life has its ups and downs and that through knowing themselves they learn to build on their experiences and develop as our future citizens.

Through our curriculum, our care and our broader provision our pupils leave our school for further study, and eventually employment, well-equipped and ready to face the challenges ahead of them.