The Arts

The Arts are a cornerstone of life at Rookwood and we ensure that our pupils enjoy a rich and varied Arts education both in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities. Our specialist teachers deliver an excellent, high-quality Arts curriculum from music in the Nursery through to GCSE Art in our Senior School. Our small classes give our pupils opportunities to participate actively and to build their confidence and love of the Arts.

We value the contribution the Arts make to a rounded education so not only do we promote a broad cultural education and we also recognise that the Arts develop many core skills that will benefit our pupils throughout life.

Opportunities To Perform

Across the school, our pupils regularly have opportunities to perform. Our Nursery Nativity and our Lower School production are highlights of the school year and our older pupils perform a large-scale musical production at The Lights theatre in Andover.

Many pupils also pursue the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) exam in speech and drama and we have had outstanding results in this over the years. Rookwood offers LAMDA across all the key stages, with an aim to develop confidence and self-belief, in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of literature and the spoken word. A variety of exams to suit different skill sets are offered and the higher-level examinations carry UCAS points, which can be used to assist in securing a place for your child at university.

Music At Rookwood School

Music flourishes at Rookwood School and our pupils have many opportunities to perform to an audience in both the Lower and Senior departments.  Music lessons give students an opportunity to develop both their independent and collaborative learning skills including performance and composition and listening.  In years 3 and 4 all students learn to play the recorder.

A team of dedicated specialist instrumental teachers deliver weekly lessons across a range of instruments.  Lessons rotate to minimise the impact on curriculum time.  Students have the opportunity to take exams with ABRSM and Trinity as appropriate and in consultation with their teachers.

A wide variety of extra-curricular activities are available to all and students are encouraged to participate, developing their self-esteem, confidence and creativity.  Opportunities on offer include choir, bell ringing and orchestra. Regular performance opportunities are given to both larger and smaller audiences.  Students visit local senior citizen groups to share their music.

Our visual arts provision is equally as impressive. Our annual GCSE Art Exhibition showcases the talent our pupils have and their extremely high-quality pieces. Work from our school is entered into national competitions and regularly receives awards and accolades. Classroom-based teaching is complemented by trips to London galleries as well as a visit to a European city in Year 10 or 11.

At Rookwood Independent School, we are passionate about our pupils participating in and developing a love for the Arts and we are proud of the opportunities we provide. This video gives an overview of the Music and LAMDA offer from Rookwood.