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What’s it all about?

“Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future”, Michael Palin. At A Level, you will deepen your understanding of Geography with a more intensive study of the key elements, which will extend your understanding beyond that of GCSE. Geography is broad based, which provides many opportunities for future progression through studying a relevant, dynamic and academically rigorous subject. Your studies will include different types of landscapes, key processes, how places change, global perspectives and the opportunity to learn new skills that will gain you a wide range of employable and transferable attributes.

A world globe in a Rookwood School geography class.

What skills will I need to be successful?

Successful Geographers work well alone and as part of a team, they have patience and the ability to listen, as well as good organisational and communication skills. You will be collecting and examining information in detail to arrive at a solution, to answer a key question or make an informed decision. There is plenty of room for discussion to allow you to become an excellent independent thinker and learner. You will be able to develop your research and analysis skills and use up to date case studies from local, national and global examples, which will help bridge the gap between other disciplines you will also be studying.

Where can it take me in the future?

Geography is a truly unique subject in that it allows you to not only look at the physical structure of the earth but also the social structure and our effect on the world around us. With an A Level in Geography, you can literally continue to study any discipline. Geographers are literate, numerate and IT literate. You will also learn many transferable skills making you attractive to many different businesses. You will find geographers working in every sector of the economy including finance, local business, not-for-profit organisations, significant research or as key decision makers in local or national government, highlighting the range of possibilities for geographers.