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What’s it all about?

The Biology course offers students the opportunity to study a wide range of interesting topics, from the intricate details of cell structure and biochemistry to entire ecosystems. Animals, plants and micro-organisms are all considered in terms of the workings of their cells, evolution, genetics, behaviour; with consideration of
how they can be used to benefit humankind through biotechnology. Current concerns about human impact on the Earth are examined along with the challenges of maintaining bio-diversity and sustainably managing the environment.

A Rookwood Sixth Form student in the classroom talking to a teacher.

What skills will I need to be successful?

Good biologists take a methodical approach to their studies, and demonstrate clear, logical thinking. Good attention to detail is required, as are effective time management skills. To make the most of Biology A Level, students should be able to work independently when needed, yet collaborate within a team as well.

Where can it take me in the future?

The range of courses and work opportunities involving Biology is vast and includes: veterinary science, medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, sport science, psychology, pharmacy, biotechnology, zoology, marine biology, plant and animal science, cosmetics, forestry, agriculture, environmental science and many others.