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Religious Studies

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Rookwood pupils are encouraged to be curious, compassionate and analytical when evaluating religious, ethical  and philosophical ideas. This helps to open their hearts towards others and develop a curious mind about their own beliefs.

Building tolerance and compassion

Religious Studies is a lively subject at Rookwood, which combines the basic structures and beliefs of a range of world religions with an introduction to Philosophy and Ethics. The subject is taught by our highly experienced teaching staff. We empower pupils to evaluate their own and others’ ideas, forming their own beliefs while respecting others’. Tolerance and compassion are significantly developed through the study of Religious Studies, taught inclusively at Rookwood School through exciting class debates, sensitive inquiry and well researched presentations. There is strong emphasis on philosophical thinking across all the year groups so that pupils develop the art of thinking critically – a vital skill in life and in their wider academic development.

Multi faith

Our school has a Christian ethos, whilst actively welcoming children of all faiths, and this is reflected in our regular assemblies. It is the background against which pupils are taught to respect each other and to accept that other people will have differing views or opinions. School visits include Southampton Gudwara, Salisbury Cathedral, Romsey Abbey and the Humanist Association which enhance the learning of Religious Studies and our inclusive ethos. Additionally, we ensure ethics focused visits are part of the pupil experience, hosting visits from organisations such as Amnesty International and Animal Aid for a truly global perspective on humanitarian matters that our pupils can connect with.