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ICT at Rookwood encourages problem solving, resilience and logical thinking in order to understand and innovate the digital world.

Exploring the digital world

The Rookwood approach to ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is to combine the best of all options available from the digital world. Our pupils in senior school study a range of topics from Algorithmic Thinking and Block Coding in younger years to Python for more senior students. In addition, pupils develop advanced Microsoft skills during the course of their study, to prepare them for effective use of resources at GCSE, A level and in Further Education.


Our senior school pupils may opt to study the Cambridge IGCSE in ICT, which covers a wide range of advanced ICT skills and computer theory on a broad range of concepts.  The course develops functional and practical ICT skills, as well as evaluative and analytical skills for innovative minds.

Other opportunities

While ICT is taught as a separate subject, its presence and influence is also highly embedded into the curriculum throughout the school. Our Mac suite in Music and computers in DT for 3D printing and cutting are examples of how ICT enhances learning across the school and is a valued transferable skill. We have four computer suites that are used throughout the school curriculum, by all pupils in all years, with iPads and Apple TV enhancing learning too in various departments to facilitate high level teaching and learning. Rookwood School offers a variety of computer based extracurricular activities for all age groups including Coding Club, Computer Games Club, Minecraft Club and the IDEA Qualification Club