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Geography at Rookwood School provides pupils with a greater awareness of the world around them and their place in it.

The world around us

Geography is about trying to make sense of the world around us; the word Geography literally means writing about the world. Pupils explore local geographical problems and worldwide issues. Geography is studied by all students at Key Stage 3, it is a popular option subject at Key Stage 4 and is growing in popularity for A Level.


In the lower senior school pupils study a variety of topics such as map skills, the geography of Russia, population, earthquakes and volcanoes, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Many of these areas of study are topical and relevant, enhanced by field trips and experiential learning outside the classroom. At GCSE we study the AQA Geography specification which includes the topics such as Urbanisation, The Living World, Physical Landscapes of the UK, Natural Hazards, Resource Management and Changing Economic World. In the 6th form pupils study the AQA A-Level Geography specification examining the Water and Carbon cycle, Changing urban environments, Coastal systems and landscapes, Global systems, Governance and Hazards.