ALUMNI AFTERNOON TEA: Friday 24th May from 2.30pm – 4.00pm. Learn more, here.

RECEPTION STAY, TEA & PLAY: Attend one of our fun-filled sessions this Summer term. Contact us to learn more.


The Friends of Rookwood School are a committee made up of parents and teachers. Their aim is to raise funds for ‘extras’ and arrange fun events for pupils and parents (when possible). FORS have been working hard this term on securing a set of schools in Malawi to partner Rookwood. FORS have donated hundreds of Rookwood uniforms and several boxes of stationery to these schools, which have just very recently been dispatched to Malawi. Our Lower School pupils have also had the chance to write letters to the children of these schools and vice versa! The Rookwood Family has really pulled together here, and the Andover Advertiser came into school on 4th December to put together a report on this!