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Acts of Kindness

Mrs Wowk was amazed to hear about some of the acts of kindness that the Lower School demonstrated during the time that Rookwood was closed.
Amelie (Y5) cooked a meal for her grandparent and dropped it round. She also made bird houses and sold them to raise money for a local Food Bank.
Megan (Y4) sent a letter to people in her local community offering her help.
Abigail (Y5) made rice krispie cakes and delivered them to the elderly.
As seen in the photos, Abel (Y1), Josalyn (Y4) and Julianna (Y7) created a Book Nook and had fun staining/sealing, painting, and filling their new book stop with books to share to the local community!
These are just a few acts of kindness that were shown by the Rookwood family.