International Students

At Rookwood School we are always pleased to welcome pupils from overseas. Our overseas pupils enjoy a rich and exciting life in Andover with our school boarding house being a home from home. Our fees for overseas pupils are the same for UK boarders and details of these are available on our fees page. Please see our Boarding pages to find out more about our boarding house and the exciting opportunities provided.

Overseas pupils do need a guardian in the UK. If a pupil has no relatives in the UK it is possible to engage the services of a ‘guardianship’ service who will ensure that the pupil is looked after during holidays and at weekends.

Pupils outside of the European Union need to obtain a ‘Tier 4 (Child)’ visa from the UK Home Office. The Home Office will only issue this if the school has issued a “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies” (CAS)  and if it can be shown that there are sufficient funds to pay for the education. For the school to produce a CAS pupils will need to provide references, records of academic attainment, take an English language test and undergo an interview (which can be done using the Internet).

Though Rookwood School does not  currently offer A-levels (and post-16 education in general) we have close links with Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies, which will provide a full range of post-16 courses.   Our own Sixth Form is due to open in September 2021.