GCSE music concert

Wednesday March 24, 2021

Mrs Parsons has been worked hard with GCSE Music students to produce a Virtual Concert. Introducing the concert, she said the following:

“I am proud to share with you this fantastic Virtual Concert performed by GCSE Music pupils at Rookwood School. At Rookwood we are delighted to have so many extremely talented musicians, from Grade 8 musicians to members of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain as well as Hampshire Music Orchestras and Ensembles.

These pupils continue to inspire the younger members of our community to learn instruments and to experience the joy that playing an instrument can bring to their everyday lives. More than ever, Music has provided opportunities to promote emotional well-being which many of our young people have gained strength from over recent weeks. This concert represents hours of dedication and hard work, in which pupils have worked on solo and ensemble projects. They have produced outstanding work, whether in school or at home.

I do hope you will take the opportunity to share, and enjoy, this with your families. My experience has shown that the younger children really enjoy watching them and are indeed inspired to continue their own learning, therefore I am sharing this with the whole school community.”

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