Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme is a programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities designed to aid the development of young people. Participants may enter the Award at any time after their fourteenth birthday. The Award has three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

At Rookwood Independent School, we offer Bronze and Silver levels. To complete the Award each participant must spend at least three months completing the following:

  • volunteering in the local community
  • pursuing a skill or hobby
  • taking part in physical recreation

Pupils are also required to plan, train for and complete a self-sufficient expedition. This section is perhaps the most demanding and involves many weeks of training to ensure that the participant is competent to undertake a walk lasting several days, carrying a full pack over varying terrain.

Participation in the Award develops important attributes and qualities in our pupils including self-motivation, commitment, self-awareness, initiative, persistence and self-discipline. Additionally, they gain valuable experience in key skills such as working with others, communication and problem solving.

Rookwood Private School is proud to be associated with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.