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Rookwood School recognised for commitment to protecting Antarctica


Rookwood's Champions of Antarctica

Rookwood School is thrilled to announce that we have been recognised by the esteemed 2041 School charity for our dedication to protecting Antarctica.

The 2041 School charity’s mission is to ensure young children understand the need, and the desire, to protect one of the last great remaining wildernesses on Earth. Led by our Year 2 teacher, Mrs Grit Robinson, Rookwood School has a team of Champions of Antarctica whose mission is to share their knowledge of Antarctica with the rest of the school and raise awareness of the significance of the date 2041.

Our Champions of Antarctica meet once a month to explore different aspect of the coldest and windiest place on earth. Last year, they were set a special challenge by Antarctic explorer Robert Swan, to learn as much as they can about Antarctica, so that they can make their voices heard, when the current environmental protection that protects Antarctica comes up for review in the future. Recently, using the inspiring videos and educational resources from the 2041 Schools team, the pupils worked together on creating a poem, exploring the memorable sounds captured by a film maker the pupils met last summer.

“The pupils have loved learning about Antarctica and feeling part of the journey and understanding how special it is,” said Mrs Robinson. “Our pupils’ dedication to protecting Antarctica is inspiring, and this recognition by the 2041 School charity is a testament to their hard work and passion.”

Commenting on Rookwood’s commitment to protecting Antarctica, the founder of 2041 School, Jenny Cooke, said: “It was an absolute pleasure to visit Rookwood School and spend time with Mrs Robinson and her group of Antarctic Champions. Seeing their passion and enthusiasm for learning about Antarctica was incredibly special and I know that this passion will continue to flourish as they grow up. I am confident that they will speak up for the last great wilderness on Earth at every opportunity and I am immensely proud of each and every one of them. Thank you, Rookwood School, for supporting our charity; we are thrilled to have you as part of the 2041 School family.”

The 2041 School charity has released a promotional video that features Rookwood School’s efforts in this critical mission. We are especially proud to share the screen with legendary Antarctic explorer Robert Swan, the first man to walk to both the South and North Pole, and the iconic Joanna Lumley, who lends her voice as the ‘Voice of Antarctica’.

We invite everyone to watch the inspiring promotional video to learn more about 2041 School’s vital work and see our pupils in action.


About 2041 School

The 2041 School charity is focused on educating and inspiring future generations to preserve Antarctica. Named after the year when the international treaty protecting Antarctica from exploitation could potentially be reviewed, the charity works to ensure this last great wilderness remains protected for future generations.

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