Covid-19: Important information for Parents

Latest Covid-Secure Measures from 17th May 2021

The School’s Covid risk assessment is available on request by emailing

General information for all
Nobody (pupil, staff or parent) is allowed on site if they, or a member of their household, has any of the Covid-19 symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of sense of taste or smell). Instead you must self-isolate and follow the Test and Trace advice, including obtaining a PCR test.

You or your child must not come into school if instructed to self-isolate due to being a close contact of someone diagnosed with Covid-19, if required to shield due to being clinically extremely vulnerable, or if required to quarantine having travelled from overseas.

If your child develops any Covid-19 symptoms whilst in school, we will follow our protocols, as recommended by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Health Protection Team. This will involve isolating your child whilst we check their symptoms and, if the symptoms are confirmed, sending your child home with further details as to what you need to do next. It is imperative that, in any case of suspected Covid-19, your child is collected without delay.

During the current precautions, parents should not enter buildings, except the main entrance to Highfield. Door bells have been fitted to buildings used for after-school supervision (e.g. Rookery and Paddocks).

General precautions
It is important to remind your child of the general precautions necessary to keep everyone safe:

• Washing or sterilizing hands regularly (washing with soap for 20 seconds is preferable)
• Coughing or sneezing into, and then binning, a tissue (or using an elbow if no tissue is available)
• Wearing a mask in communal areas indoors (Senior School pupils), masks are no longer required in lessons
• Keeping a 2m distance from others (1m if outside) unless in their bubble
• Even within a bubble, to avoid touching each other’s hands or faces
• Having rooms well-ventilated (it is acknowledged that this more difficult in cold weather)
• Following one-way systems, where available

It is acknowledged that some of these are more difficult to achieve with the very youngest children, but we should aim to follow these precautions wherever possible.

One-way systems / out-of-bounds areas
The garden wall footpath behind the Rookery is one-way and for Little Rooks drop-off and collection only.

Furthermore, the black door linking the Highfield car park and kitchen area will be out-of-bounds and kept locked. The exception is when it is required by the catering team to collect deliveries. This is due to the close proximity to the kitchens and the difficulties experienced in ensuring appropriate social distancing. People should walk around the side of Highfield when accessing the site (not along the road next to Food Technology).

Little Rooks
Little Rooks is now running a full curriculum, including specialist lessons.

Timings of the day
The school day runs from 8.35am to 4pm, with Breakfast and After School clubs and activities returning to normal. Clubs can be booked through the Portal or by emailing

To help with traffic flow and social distancing, Years 3 to 6 can be collected from 3.50pm.

Parents should vacate the site as soon as their child has been dropped off or collected and maintain an appropriate social distance from those in other households.

Lunch has returned to normal, with a cooked meal or salad option for all pupils. Pupils need to remain within their bubbles when in the dining hall.

Mask wearing (Senior School)
Senior School pupils, unless exempt on medical or other grounds, are still required to wear a mask in communal areas (e.g. corridors and by lockers). However, masks are no longer required in lessons.

Pupils should also:

• Avoid touching the front of the mask during use or when removing it
• Dispose of temporary masks in normal waste (not recycling)
• Keep reusable masks in a plastic bag when not in use
• Wash or sanitise hands after handling their mask

Whilst we recommend that pupils provide their own masks, we do have a supply of disposable masks, available from main reception, for any child who has forgotten theirs.

Mass Testing
Senior School pupils are strongly encouraged to continue with their twice-weekly lateral flow device (LFD) testing.

Uniform and PE kit
Pupils should now be in full school uniform. Senior School pupils are now allowed to use the changing rooms and so should not arrive wearing their PE kit.


Lockdown Learning
During the latest lockdown (January-March 2021), Rookwood School continued to provide a full curriculum online, covering all subjects (depending on age: Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Design Technology, Drama, English, French, Food Technology, German, Geography, History, Humanities, Information Communication Technology, Maths, Music, Personal Social Health Education, Philosophy, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Science, Textiles Technology). Furthermore, individual learning support lessons have continued, where appropriate.
The school has remained open to eligible children, including boarders (see:

Reception Class to Year 4
These classes follow a blended learning model, where the classroom teacher teaches those children attending school and those online simultaneously. Additional in-class support is provided, dependent on the age and needs of the class, so that children at home can access the lesson. Core subjects (for example, literacy and numeracy) are taught in the morning with specialist subjects (for example, French and PE) in the afternoon. On some afternoons, Years 3 and 4 follow a remote learning model (see below).

Years 5 to 11
These classes follow a remote learning model, where teachers and pupils attend lessons through Microsoft Teams. Children physically attending school are supervised in computer rooms.

Physical Education
The timetable has been rewritten so that all PE is at the end of the day. This allows those children at home to exercise for longer if desired as they do not have to return to lessons afterwards. Classes up to Year 9 have two double periods and Years 10 and 11 one double period.

In recognition that every pupil’s home learning experience will be different, pupil attendance in online lessons is encouraged but not mandatory. Teachers monitor attendance and record lessons so that pupils can access them afterwards. Where attendance patterns become a concern, tutors and pastoral staff will contact home and explore intervention strategies to support the child. If necessary, the safeguarding team will follow ‘Child Missing in Education’ protocols.

Online lessons are 45 minutes duration to allow for comfort breaks and ‘reset time’ between lessons.
8.45-9.00 Form Time
9.05-9.50 Period 1
10.00-10.45 Period 2
10.45-11.15 Morning Break
11.15-12.00 Period 3
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.45 Period 4
13.45-14.15 Afternoon Break
14.15-15.00 Period 5
15.10-15.55 Period 6 (Year 3 upwards)

Monitoring and Feedback
Rookwood School is continuously monitoring its provision and welcomes feedback from staff, parents and pupils. This can either be done by contacting form tutors or emailing