Covid-19: Important information for Parents

Latest Covid-19 Secure Measures from 28th February 2022

The following applies to the whole school, from Little Rooks Nursery to Sixth Form:

You will be aware that last week the government relaxed a number of Covid-19 regulations in England
as part of their ‘living with Covid’ plan. This letter outlines Rookwood School’s position and is based
on the guidance from Department for Education (DfE) and the Independent Schools’ Council (ISC) as
well as our own risk assessment.

Confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19

Children or staff with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 should still remain at home. This includes
 Testing positive through a lateral flow test
 Testing positive through a PCR test
 Showing any of the standard symptoms (high temperature; new continuous cough; loss of
taste or smell)

Anyone who has symptoms should seek a PCR test by visiting

If the test is negative they may immediately return to school.
On testing positive (whether by lateral flow or PCR), the child or staff member should remain off
school for between 5 and 10 full days. They can return to school from Day 6 provided that they have
two negative lateral flow tests taken 24 hours apart and no high temperature.
Whilst self-isolating is no longer a legal requirement, the regulations do allow for schools to insist on
children and staff remaining off school if, in the school’s reasonable judgement, “it is necessary to
protect other pupils and staff from possible infection with COVID-19.” Given the risk of an outbreak
spreading in our setting, I believe it is currently reasonable to maintain this position for this half-term.

Lateral flow testing

Staff and senior school pupils are no longer recommended to take regular lateral flow tests.
Furthermore, the school only has a limited stock of test kits and therefore will only provide them to
those children or staff who are self-isolating and wish to test themselves in order to release
themselves from self-isolation early.

Please contact if your child is self-isolating and you need lateral
flow tests.

Mask wearing on school transport

Whilst this is no longer a legal requirement, mask wearing will remain mandatory for senior school
pupils on school transport (unless exempt on medical grounds). This is due to the close proximity of
the pupils and drivers in a confined space.
Mask wearing is not required elsewhere in the school and remains each individual’s personal

Personal hygiene

The guidance on personal hygiene remains unchanged. Therefore children are encouraged to wash
and/or sanitise their hands regularly and sneeze or cough into a tissue or their sleeve.

Feedback and Monitoring

Rookwood School is continuously monitoring its provision and welcomes feedback from staff, parents and pupils. This can either be done by contacting form tutors or emailing